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What are sustainability living labs?

Living labs utilize the campus as a test bed for innovation and knowledge generation around important areas of sustainability and climate change. A form of experiential learning—a core component of MIT’s education ethos – living labs bring together academic and operational partners to advance important research, as well as inform the practices and decisions of campus operations.

Living lab projects are characterized by sustained data collection, analysis, and measurable outcomes that can be communicated to the MIT community and beyond. The MIT Office of Sustainability seeks to nurture living lab projects that generate and amplify solutions across our campuses, cities and the globe. Want to learn more about the living lab framework and its defining characteristics?

What does the Living Lab Finder do?

  • Tells the stories of MIT's sustainability living labs projects
  • Allows users to discover living labs by topic, outcome, duration, and more
  • Locates living lab research where it happens on campus